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Windows Live Demo for CIPCUG


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All my notes will be here.

Download Windows Live Essentials at

The components of Windows Live Essentials are:


  1. Manage one or many email accounts in Windows Live Mail.
  2. Import them from nearly any service provider.
  3. Photos and other large “attachments” are stored in your SkyDrive, so you don’t get the “too big” error message.
  4. You can organize your email by “Conversations” so that all the incoming and reply messages display one-after-the-other.
  5. Easily drag-and-drop messages on the appropriate date of your Windows Live Calendar.

Family Safety

  1. Adults are Administrators, children are Standard Accounts.
  2. Restrict websites children can go to, even setup age-appropriate restrictions, restrict what they can download.
  3. Set time limits, when, how long: Kids are automatically logged off when limits expire.


  1. Gives 5GB of Sync storage.
  2. Sync data on multiple computers.
  3. Connect to computer remotely.
  4. Sync your program settings (styles, templates, custom dictionary, email signatures.

Writer: Create a WordPress blog with Writer (that’s how I created this one).

Messenger Companion: Send text messages to those you share documents with.


  1. You log into your Windows Live Account (Hotmail or other).
  2. Click on SkyDrive.
  3. Here you can open Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and store documents.

SharePoint / Groove

  1. Create Groove folders that contain Documents, Contacts and Calendars.
  2. Conversations are threaded (the messages on one subject are grouped).
  3. You invite a few people to share things.  You need to trust those you share with.  Good for a business, small workgroup, project.
  4. You can have lots of Groove folders shared with different sets of people.